About Us

Located in Monsey, New York, Camp Fun has been providing outstanding summer experiences since 1988. Our inspiring learning, competitive sports, intense leagues,  pioneering,  swimming, extended hours programs, exciting trips and overnights provide a diversified camping experience like no other.

As part of our diversified camping experience, we offer our campers unique experiences such as Cars Day, Delaware Overnight, Niagara Falls, American Dream, Helicopter Day, Wheels Day, Concerts, and much more.  

Our Mission

At Camp Fun we focus on the needs and interests of each and every camper allowing them to thrive in a wholesome torahdik environment. We stress sportsmanship and middos while campers form friendships that will last a lifetime. The staff at Camp Fun make it their mission to ensure that every camper feels part of the Camp Fun Family.

Non Stop Action at Camp Fun!

Camp Fun Programs

Pioneer Division

The pioneer division is a haven for campers that want an alternative to sports activities. Afternoons offer woodworking projects, boating, rocket launching, fishing lessons, hikes and more.

Fun L'Derech

Fun L’Derech is Camp Fun’s extra hours program to provide a sleepaway camp feeling. This program includes daily dinners, weekly trips, leagues, BBQ’s, and special activities.

Camp Ora Preschool Division

Welcome to Camp ORA, a nurturing haven for boys and girls 3-7 years old. With expert care, engaging activities, and personalized attention, your child will have the summer of their lifetime!


Chezky LOVES Camp Fun!… You guys really put yourselves forward that the kids should have the most amazing experience!
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Mrs. O

To the most incredible and devoted counselor, you are more than a counselor to the boys-you are their role model & big brother
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Letter from a parent to a counselor

Dear Menny, Thank you for an amazing summer! My boys are obssesed with Camp Fun and thank me all the time for sending them.
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Mrs. R

I was very hesitant to send to Camp Fun because Benny had not one kid in his class going. My husband and I were nervous about him going but honestly Benny already wants to go back next year even without any of his classmates going. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication
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Benny C.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of Camp Fun. Every day when I came to drop off and pick up Shua, the staff all came over to Shua and gave him a high five and a compliment. Shua came home every day in the clouds with stories of what the staff did for him that day. Every staff member truly went above and beyond for my son and I am extremely grateful. This has been Shuas best summer yet! We are already looking forward to next summer! Thank you so much!
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Shua H.