Camp Fun Programs

At Camp Fun, we make it our job to ensure that every camper has the summer of a lifetime. If a camper wants to play sports, Camp Fun offers intense sports leagues and other sports competitions. If a camper prefers not to play sports we offer the Pioneer Division. See below for a list of a few of the programs Camp Fun has to offer.

Pioneer Division

The Pioneer Division gives campers a unique ability to grow and thrive in a non sports environment. A typical day in the Pioneer Division can include a hike to a special location, rocket building, boating in the Camp Fun lake, and fishing in the Camp Fun lake. Campers only participate in the Pioneer Division during leagues. The campers from the Pioneer Division participate with their bunk in all non sports activities.

Fun L'Derech

The Fun L’Derech division is the extra hours program in Camp Fun. Starting from dismissal at 4:00, the campers split up into leagues, or special activities. Campers in the L’Derech Division go on exclusive trips to Greenwood Lake for Jet Skiing and Motorboating, and they enjoy plenty of other trips. Dinner is served every day at 5:45-6:00 unless announced otherwise due to a trip.

Camp Ora Preschool Division

The Camp Ora Preschool division is located on the Camp Fun campus. The preschool division is for boys ages 3-5 and girls ages 3-7. Camp ORA has dedicated counselors, daily special activities, arts & crafts, and a heated pool on campus. There is also a daily shiur from Mrs. Devora Miller. Camp ORA is the ultimate destination for your preschool child.